Best hotel in muzaffarabad

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It welcomes you to one of the Best hotel in muzaffarabad. Where art and creativity gracefully combines to offer you some impressive views. The beautiful environment will fill you with wonder. Muzaffarabad offers some great 5 star Muzaffarabad restaurants so you that you can experience the capital in comfort. The Muzaffarabad 5 star restaurants are some of the best in the world. There are the old established restaurants like PC, and other stylish, modern restaurants like The Mir Continental and the Best restaurant in muzaffarabad. There is a great choice in Muzaffarabad finest 5 star accommodations.

 The amazingly beautiful green covered peaks.Best hotel in muzaffarabad the Mir continental hotel and restaurant Muzaffarabad (AJK) is truly one of its kinds, Stylish and comfortable. 


True spirit of the Restaurant is reflected in the artistic of the best public areas. Whereas corridors and rooms highlighting symbolsBest hotel in muzaffarabad of Islamic architecture. The restaurants remarkable architecture is a mixture of rich and detailed designs. Mir Restaurant has extraordinary experience in organizing a unique range of commercial and social events. Giving our guest the opportunity to enjoy comfortable place, world class catering.

The best architecture and interiors of extraordinary building is reflection of typical Kashmir’s.


The Best restaurants in muzaffarabad would be your words after visiting us.It is a grand restaurant having impressiveness, elegance and comfort. Imagine an experience created to meet your every desire. Where service is not just a word – it is a way of being. The style surrounds you and makes you feel cultured. Mir Continental makes you realize that there is no place like this. Yet your experience is essentially and uniquely yours. Here you will find a best food option for every taste and preference. There are two restaurants and a bar for you to enjoy. This restaurant offers you the best Pakistani, Italian, local, regional; Kashmir and Chinese. It combines best traditional hospitality of Muzaffarabad and the most modern comforts and technology. The room decoration is inspired by two rich historical regions of Pakistan.

Best hotel in muzaffarabad

Best hotel in muzaffarabad







Best restaurants in muzaffarabad features all the modern facilities demanded by travelers in their room. Such as WI-FI, air conditioned rooms, centrally hearten, sky satellite TV, DVD players and dishwashers. Personalized service and attention to detail sets the Muzaffrabad MC is a class by itself. The restaurant provides the highest level of service and comforts whether you are a business traveler. You should book a room at Mir  Hotel. Those who want to stay in comfortable place properties that differentiate themselves from hotel chains. The boutique restaurants in Muzaffrabad are mostly modern, often having unusual decor. The restaurant is purposefully surrounded by grounds that prevent direct access by any of trails. Several measures have been taken into serious account to make sure that unexpected events never happen. 24 hours security guards and security cameras are placed to stop any unpleasant happening.

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