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About Mir Continental

About Mir Continental

Basically Mir Continental Hotel Is Organized by the Mir Company Situated in Muzaffarabad and they are giving The Facilities Of hotels, restaurants and resorts . The Hotel And Resorts are Designed and themed according to the tourists and visitors  needs. you can enjoy the Over the days and nights. This is the brief introduction about the Mir continental hotel company.  If you want to discover more about the Mir Continental Hotels and Resorts you can visit there and fulfill your dreams. The enjoyment of life that is provided there is only for the people who
who want to drive their life crazy. People Come here from abroad to enjoy the beauty of Pakistan and Kashmir . The mountains hills and River Side view is almost amazing and unique from the entire Country . You can come here anytime to enjoy your life and there is no restriction for infant young and senior citizens.

Mir Continental hotel

This is almost the perfect place for you to stay if your destination is the city and you can explore the city to your heart’s content. One such restaurant is the City inn that is a contemporary custom offering exceptional quality, value and service. In this state-of-the-art building, local traditions are elegantly combined with latest technologies in order to provide a comfortable stay to our prestigious guests.

Mir Continental Muzaffarabad (A.J.K)

Is one such five star restaurants and is located in heart of the city, 100 meters short of the legislative assembly/prime minister Secretariat of the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and 2 km ahead of Amboor while approaching from Islamabad axis, with beautiful view and serene water shore of the Neelum River in close proximity. You can enjoy excellent accessibility to and from all directions in a best way a restaurant can provide.