Neelum Valley Tourist Helpline

Neelum valley is the most visited destination of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad is the gateway to the beautiful Valley and Mir Continental Hotel offers the leisure stay  in Muzaffarabad. We are located on front of Muzaffarabad city and are the best hotel in Muzaffarabad. 

We have the different travel plans for the Neelum Valley and soon we are opening a hotel in valley, customers are thriving for leisure stay in Valley and we  committed to provide the excellent services. 

Muzaffarabad is also the point of interest  for tourists aiming to explore Naran Kaghan, only 4 hrs distance is from Muzaffarabad to  the  valley of Kaghan. 

Some Travel Packages for Valleys are 

Neelum Valley Tour Packages : Naran Kaghan Tour Packages